Evangelicals Demand Defending Children’s Health Not Subsidizing  Coal Industry 

New Freedom (December 11, 2015) – In the dark of the night, Pennsylvania lawmakers passed a bill that would seriously jeopardize our children’s health and continue the long-standing tradition of bowing to the fossil fuel industry.  The new Fiscal Code bill, House Bill 1327, scuttles the public process and transparency for regulations that defend our kids’ health and calls into question the hope for a vibrant clean energy future.

The Evangelical Environmental represents over 80,000 pro-life Pennsylvanian Christians who have taken action in the past year in support of regulations that are designed to improve air quality, reduce air borne toxins, and provide hope for better future.  “Currently there are over  277,000  Pennsylvanian children  with asthma and the lives of our kids and grandchildren will simply be made worse by this 11th hour attempt to continue subsidizing the fossil fuel industry,” said Rev. Mitch Hescox, President of EEN and PA resident.  “This doesn’t include the birth defects that medical research is beginning to uncover from the methane leaks from our natural gas production and transportation infrastructure,” Hescox continued.

We pray that our children are worth defending more than the dying coal industry to our Pennsylvania state legislature.  House Bill 1327 needs to rejected, and we urge the General Assembly and Governor Tom Wolf to protect our children. Please Contact your Pennsylvania legislator today (click here). 

This “midnight” deal of the Fiscal Code, House Bill 1327, would give the General Assembly the power to hold up the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) development of a state plan to reduce power plant emissions – potentially delaying it by years – and prohibit the state Environmental Quality Board from adopting much-needed and long overdue modernizations of Pennsylvania’s oil and gas drilling regulations. If the Fiscal Code is not rejected Pennsylvania will most likely forced to adopt a Federal Implementation Plan dictated by Washington instead of doing what is “right” for our Commonwealth.

Over 50,000 pro-life Christians signed:

As pro-life Christians, we urge Governor Wolf and Pennsylvania’s General Assembly to stand with us and protect our children’s lives by regulating carbon and toxic emissions from coal burning power plants and reduce methane leaks from natural gas production.  The effects of these emissions impact the most vulnerable in our communities and around the world.  It is time for our government to act wisely and prevent carbon and methane pollution from despoiling creation, our children’s health, and the lives of the poorest populations around the world who are most severely impacted.

Over 36,000 pro-life Christians signed:

 As pro-life Christians, we want the air that we breathe to be safe for our children. Leaks in our natural gas infrastructure spew out toxic pollutants, cancer-causing agents and climate pollution that place God’s creation and our families – especially children, pregnant mothers, and the unborn – in harm’s way. That’s why we call on our elected officials to support strong regulations to cut this pollution from both new and existing leaks from our natural gas infrastructure. Our children deserve nothing less.

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